All women are beautiful.
There are no exceptions.


Every woman is sensual and sexy. Again, no exceptions.

And every woman's unique beauty, sensuality and sense of playfulness deserves to be celebrated. 

That’s the goal of our style of boudoir photography – to tastefully celebrate what makes a woman beautiful, sensual and playful.

Boudoir photography is sensual photography – and what a woman finds sensual or sexy is a very individual thing.  A woman can be sexy wearing a bathing suit, lingerie, a cocktail dress, a jumpsuit – or nothing at all. There are really no rules – just individual tastes.

At Ciao Bellezza!, our job is to work with you to discover what you think is sensual. What you think is beautiful. What you think is appealing – not just in general, but about yourself.

Once we have, our job is to create a set of images that genuinely portray your most beautiful, sensual and playful self. Images that celebrate the woman that you are – and the woman you aspire to be.

Our galleries showcase women ranging from their mid-twenties to their mid-fifties. Take a look at those images and see if you don't agree  that while they may differ in age, figure and degree of daring, each woman is beautiful. And sexy. And playful. 

Alessandra Peroni,Tony Avellino and Tita Bauza are veteran fine art photographers – you can see examples our fine art work in the Galleries section of this website. For years we have celebrated all things feminine working with professional models, exhibiting regularly at numerous Washington, DC and Baltimore art venues and publishing in various magazines. Through this site, we aspire to celebrate you.

If you’re interested in creating art that reveals the woman you really are -- or if you simply wish to indulge your inner flirt -- please contact us. You'll be glad you did!